Fields of Work

Corporate recovery and bankruptcy

The Bankruptcy and Corparate Reorganization law has created, from 2005 on, a new scenario for companies to survive times of crisis. With a new legislation that prints a strong emphasis to the preservation of thoses entities that still bear the potention for wealth generation, now has several legal mechanisms that can assist the company in the difficult mission to re-enter the marketing and productive context.

  • Advisement to creditors, bankrupt, liquidators and legal administrators in bankruptcy and recovery processes;
  • Studies and legal opinions related to the Bankruptcy law and liability of partners or shareholders in the event of bankruptcy;
  • Assistance to the company concerning the debt renegociation, business reorganization and recovery preparation;

The office works closely with accountants, financial advisors, business and industrial consultants in order to help the client on the elaboration of projects to the company reorganization, through the presentation of different strategies for fundraising, liability management, reduction and racionalization of costs, control transfer and debt for equity operations.

The lawyers of our firm have a large expertise on business orientation in all aspects related to the legal recovery process, as defending the rehabilitees interests, advising creditor´s comitee or even advising the court appointed trustee.